Looking for the Neighborhood That's the Right fit?

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If you're starting a family, you might want to consider a neighborhood known for its good schools. Or, if your children have graduated, you might feel that it's time for a change of scenery. Perhaps your company has moved and you want to be closer to work. Lots of your priorities may have changed over the years. Here are seven ways to evaluate whether or not a neighborhood is a good fit.

1. Time the commute to your job

Perhaps you have been spending hours stuck in traffic to and from work and are looking for a much shorter commute. Just because a neighborhood is closer does not mean that you will get there faster. Time the commute from the different neighborhoods you are considering.
2. Meet the neighbors
Want to get a feel for the neighborhood? Talk to the neighbors. Just by walking around the neighborhood you'll get a vibe, helping you determine whether it's the right place for you. Are the people a little standoffish? Are they hesitant to make eye contact with you?
Are people friendly and neighborly? Maybe a little too friendly? Take a walk around and strike up a conversation with your potential future neighbors to get a feel for the community.
3. Go for a walk and/or drive around the neighborhood

One of the best ways to pick the right neighborhood is to take your time walking around. Go for a walk and/or drive through the neighborhood on the weekend and on weekdays. Do the same thing at different times of the day. Note where there are areas that look a little unsafe or dilapidated. How will that affect your quality of life there?

4. Attend a local festival or event

Kill several birds with one stone by attending a local event or festival. You'll meet people from the neighborhood and get a sense of the type of community that it is. Is it tight-knit? Young? Old? A little too country? Local events can tell you a lot about the spirit of a neighborhood.
5. Go out to eat at a local hot spot
While you're checking out properties, go to a popular eatery in the neighborhood. Check out the vibe and take note of people's behavior. Do they look at you suspiciously? Is the customer service lousy? Are diners happy? You can glean a lot about a neighborhood by simply people-watching.
6. See a play or game at a local school

If you have kids, the quality of the local schools in your neighborhood may be priority No. 1. Before you buy a house and enroll the kids, visit the school. Go to a school play or watch one of the school's sports teams to get a feel for the level of community support for the school's art and athletic programs.

7. Read about the local job market and/or main industries

Having a job today does not guarantee that you'll have one tomorrow. And even if you do, it's important to know whether you are moving into a neighborhood that is growing and thriving or one that is crumbling. Get a local paper and read about the main industries in the area and the state of the local job market.

To ensure you find the best neighborhood for your lifestyle, give us a call today and we'll help you navigate the home-buying process.